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  • Viable System Model Example

    Viable System Model Example

    How to apply the Viable System Model? One of the most obvious ways to use the Viable System Model is a mapping approach. You take the VSM quite literally and map organizational aspects like meetings, roles, tools, or artifacts to the model’s different systems. Even though this method is partially criticized within the VSM community, […]

  • An Agile Team as Viable System

    The basic structure of an Agile Team Every Scrum Master, Agile Coach or how ever you call the role of an “Agilist” knows the situation: There is a new team or even a team of teams which wants to learn the new way of working. Usually, there is some sort of a kickoff – the […]

  • MS Planner for Remote Collaboration

    Creative usage of MS Planner During the last two weeks of remote work I learned two further ways on how to work with MS Planner (which is part of the Office365 package). Again I want to show a creative use case of how to use tools which are usually available in many companies. While more […]

  • Creative Remote Collaboration with PowerPoint

    Creative usage of Office365 In times which are dominated by COVID-19 I wanted to share how to use Office365 (or Goole, if you have it) for remote workshops. I want to propose tools which are easily available and easy to share. Therefore, these two come to mind. Of course there is much more out there, […]

  • SCRUM und das Viable System Model

    Kurze Nachlese zur Metaphorum Konferenz 2016 Im Nachgang zur Metaphorum Konferenz hier die Folien meines Vortrags zum Thema SCRUM und das Viable System Model. Hierbei habe ich die Gedanken und Anmerkungen von Ralf und Frank bzgl. des seinerzeitigen Online-Experiments intensiv reflektiert. Soviel vorab: Einige Ideen haben mich in der weiteren Analyse und Ausarbeitung beeinflusst, andere Impulse habe ich […]

  • Innovation Leadership

    “Wir haben keine Wahl, wir müssen uns mit der Zukunft beschäftigen” Dies ist das Motto des 6. Living Leadershop-Events am 26.10.2016 in Stuttgart. Ich freue mich sehr in diesem Kontext einen Impulsvortrag über den Komplexbegriff Innovation Leadership beizutragen, denn es gibt kaum ein Thema, welches mir mehr am Herzen liegt. Hier vorab der Abstract als unvermeidliche Werbeeinblendung. In […]