Viable System Model Example

Viable System Model Example

How to apply the Viable System Model?

One of the most obvious ways to use the Viable System Model is a mapping approach. You take the VSM quite literally and map organizational aspects like meetings, roles, tools, or artifacts to the model’s different systems. Even though this method is partially criticized within the VSM community, I still like it since it allows me to visualize all the different things we do or don’t do in organizations. It helps to clarify which functions are actually maintained and reflect if they are functional or dysfunctional.

In the following lecture, I show how the model explains an Agile Software Development Team. To make the story a bit more tangible, I use the scenario of a startup situation. Four friends found a new company…

In the next video, I will revisit my Viable System Model Canvas and show how you can use this tool for your own purposes. Maybe you are curious to read how an Agile Team could be seen with this example of the Viable System Model.

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  1. Hallo Mark,

    Good lecture regarding VSM, I really enjoyed the video’s.

    Thank you for publishing!

  2. Tip for reading:
    R. Espejo. “Organizational Transformation & Learning, a cybernetic approach to management” This book made me aware of VSM.

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