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  • Viable Leadership – Basic Questions

    A nano manifesto for Viable Leadership The one who contributes leads – forget the organigram.   Four basic questions of Leadership “What must be done? …is more important than… “What do I want to do?” “Is this the right thing to do?” …takes precedence over… “How do employees, clients, and shareholders value my work?” “What contribution […]

  • On Bullshit – updated english version

    On Bullshit Bullshit (BS) is often interpreted as nonsensical facts. The use of empty words is a common characteristic of BS. The term is generally used as a placeholder for contexts like humbug, knickknack, frippery or mumbo jumbo. BS always has something arbitrary and is characterized by vagueness. It pretends to be profoundly knowledgeable to […]

  • Creative Remote Collaboration with PowerPoint

    Creative usage of Office365 In times which are dominated by COVID-19 I wanted to share how to use Office365 (or Goole, if you have it) for remote workshops. I want to propose tools which are easily available and easy to share. Therefore, these two come to mind. Of course there is much more out there, […]