Viable Leadership – Basic Questions

A nano manifesto for Viable Leadership

The one who contributes leads – forget the organigram.


Four basic questions of Leadership

“What must be done? …is more important than… “What do I want to do?”

“Is this the right thing to do?” …takes precedence over… “How do employees, clients, and shareholders value my work?”

“What contribution does the greater whole require?” …is more viable than… “How do I optimize my tasks?”

“Who takes responsibility?” …is more committed than… “Am I living up to expectations?”


Viability in focus

Responsible Leadership means to maintain and develop the viability of organizations, teams, and each individual.

Responsible leaders apply the following concepts with practical wisdom and common sense:

  • The optimal simplification of complexity.
  • The fractal nature of organizations.
  • The unity of freedom and responsibility.
  • The human being in the center of all efforts.
  • The holistic measurement of success.


Three principles of Viable Leadership

  1. The autonomy of the smallest unit may only be restricted if the bigger whole is at risk. The art of Viable Leadership means that even in difficult times, one shall give autonomy a chance.
  2. Don’t trust the organization chart; look for those who have something to contribute to the greater whole.
  3. The best idea wins – titles and positions are secondary to develop solutions.


More about Viable Leadership. Based on the book Verantwortungsvoll führen in einer komplexen Welt.

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