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  • Viable System Model Example

    Viable System Model Example

    How to apply the Viable System Model? One of the most obvious ways to use the Viable System Model is a mapping approach. You take the VSM quite literally and map organizational aspects like meetings, roles, tools, or artifacts to the model’s different systems. Even though this method is partially criticized within the VSM community, […]

  • Introduction to the Viable System Model

    My Video Lectures about the Viable System Model Finally, I am releasing the first three videos about my introduction to the Viable System Model. I decided that I wanted to share everything I have understood so far, but not in a written form anymore. Therefore, I produced a series of simple screen captures and dared […]

  • Ashby’s Law of Requisite Variety

    Ashby's Law of Requisite Variety

    The Story of Requisite Variety for Reflective Practitioners It is a real pity that the idea of Requisite Variety is almost unknown. From my perspective, it is astonishing that almost no one with a degree in business has heard about it, not to talk about many Agile or Lean folks. It is insofar unbelievable, as […]

  • Service Dominant Logic

    The fundamental misunderstanding about products, services, and value creation It is popular to speak about product-led organizations. They shall be able to solve customer problems better because teams in this kind of organization have full accountability for product success. An enterprise organized around products The basic idea sounds fantastic: Instead of organizing an enterprise functionally […]

  • Viable Leadership – Basic Questions

    A nano manifesto for Viable Leadership The one who contributes leads – forget the organigram.   Four basic questions of Leadership “What must be done? …is more important than… “What do I want to do?” “Is this the right thing to do?” …takes precedence over… “How do employees, clients, and shareholders value my work?” “What contribution […]

  • Post Agile Era

    Beyond Agile? Some wild speculations Agile is (almost) a commodity. Many young folks coming fresh from the university know nothing else than the agile way of working. Being agile is in many IT/Digital related areas the new normal. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it does not, but nobody who has got the taste of it […]

  • An Agile Team as Viable System

    The basic structure of an Agile Team Every Scrum Master, Agile Coach or how ever you call the role of an “Agilist” knows the situation: There is a new team or even a team of teams which wants to learn the new way of working. Usually, there is some sort of a kickoff – the […]

  • On Bullshit – updated english version

    On Bullshit Bullshit (BS) is often interpreted as nonsensical facts. The use of empty words is a common characteristic of BS. The term is generally used as a placeholder for contexts like humbug, knickknack, frippery or mumbo jumbo. BS always has something arbitrary and is characterized by vagueness. It pretends to be profoundly knowledgeable to […]

  • Julia and Mandelbrot for Free

    Fractint Nostalgia As part of my adaptation process in these times I share my favorite images of fractals – which were rendered in the last weeks (total computing time ca. 150hs on a i7 Mac Book Pro (2015)). Maybe you enjoy looking at them, or you want to use them as a background, for business […]

  • Why quotations matter

    Citing other people is not lazy, if … Usually it does not take a long time to find out that I am a big fan of quotations. Depending on the context I drop one quote after the other. This seems to be sometimes disturbing to my social environment, since it can lead to the conclusion […]